South Dakota Hunts - Dove, Pheasant, Waterfowl, Whitetail

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Double P Ranch

Double P Ranch

Welcome to The Best Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota! At Double P Ranch – South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Lodge, we pride ourselves on offering an unforgettable hunting experience. The accommodations and food at our lodge are extraordinary, providing you with the utmost comfort during your stay. Come and schedule your visit now to enjoy world-class hunting, top-notch staff, and breathtaking South Dakota scenery.

Pheasant Hunting at Double P Ranch

Double P Ranch has created the finest South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Paradise. We have everything a sportsman desires in hunting habitat. Endless upland native grass cover, perfect for upland hunting with pointing dogs. So many wildlife food plots that we never bothered to count them. Myriads of both small and large wetlands dot the landscape. Dozens of lush, thick shelterbelts consisting of fruit and evergreen trees provide critical winter cover to sustain robust pheasant and deer populations.

Early Season Hunting
The early season is a great time to enjoy the full South Dakota outdoor experience during the warmer weather. Early season Double P Ranch pursuits include: pheasant hunting, waterfowl hunting, archery hunting dove hunting, and walleye fishing

Mid-Season Hunting
The noon start during the first week and subsequent 10 am start time allows ample time for guests to catch up on a little extra rest, grab their bow and head to a deer stand, slide on some waders and head to a slough, or field for some legendary South Dakota waterfowl hunting.

Late Season Hunting
The legendary flushes of pheasants that define South Dakota pheasant hunting occur when December weather concentrates the pheasants around thick cover and food. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of birds in a single field at this time of year when the conditions are right. Our December guests are welcome to bring their bow to spend some time in one of our stands or enclosed heated elevated blinds.

Waterfowl Hunting at Double P Ranch

September Early Canada Goose Season:
This special September season is a limited-issue license, although the tags have never sold out. The early Canada goose season limit is 8 per day. The sub-species resident geese are the Superior Canada goose. Fully mature geese can weigh up to 14lbs. A successful Canada goose hunt will average 2-4 geese per hunter with good shooting. Adding a day of guided goose hunting is a nice addition, especially for hunters who have never hunted these giant geese.


Early Season Pheasant Hunting

(September 19th – October 18th, 2024)

$2195- 2 Day/3 Nights
$2995- 3 Day/4 Nights
$3795- 4 Day/5 Nights

Mid-Season South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

(October 19th to November 24th, 2024)

$2295- 2 Day/3 Nights
$3295- 3 Day/4 Nights
$4195- 4 Day/5 Nights

$4995- 5 Day/6 Nights

December Season Pheasant Hunting – Best Hunting of the Season

(November 29th to December 17th, 2024)

$2195-2 Days
$2995- 3 Days

Late Season South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Late-season South Dakota pheasant hunting can be a thrilling and rewarding experience. As the colder weather sets in and the snow begins to fall, pheasants become more concentrated in their feeding areas, making them easier to locate and hunt. The landscapes of South Dakota during the late season are also beautiful, with the trees and grasses blanketed in a layer of white, providing a picturesque backdrop for your hunt. However, it is important to be prepared for the colder weather and dress appropriately in layers to stay warm. Late-season pheasant hunting can also be more physically demanding as the snow may be deeper, requiring more effort to walk through. Overall, late-season pheasant hunting in South Dakota can be a unique and enjoyable experience for any hunter.

Hunt Packages Include:

5 pheasants per day

Exquisite lodging

Fully stocked bar

Hunting license

Chef-prepared meals

Professional guides

Flushing and pointing dogs

5-Stand trap shooting

Ammunition (excl. waterfowl)

Bird processing

Extra birds $40

Additional Details

Groups of four or more have an exclusive hunting guide

Exclusive hunting guide for groups of 3 or less is $275/day (subject to availability)

Non-hunting guest fee $375/day

All packages subject to a 6.0% SD sales tax

Remaining balances paid with a credit card are subject to a 3% surcharge

Deposits of absent guests will not be applied when group size is less than reserved

The deposit is $600 per hunting guest

Deposits from cancelled may be applied to alternate dates same season

Guests are welcome to bring their well-trained dogs

Add Guided Duck Hunting or Walleye Fishing to your trip!

Guided Duck Hunting

Sept 23rd to Nov 20th
(2 guest minimum)

Guided Walleye Fishing

Sept 15th to Oct 31st
(2 guest minimum)

Fishing license, bait, gear, cleaning & refreshments included

The Lodges & The Loft

El Jefe Lodge

The El Jefe Lodge was completed in 2016. A better name for the El Jefe lodge may be Twin Elms Lodge since many of the unique touches found throughout the lodge were made from two towering American elm trees that were harvested and milled on-site by craftsmen. The open kitchen and adjacent dining areas with fireplaces, coffee bar, and vaulted ceilings create a festive and engaging setting. Two spacious patio decks adjacent to the banquet area make for an ideal spot to enjoy the South Dakota wildlife and the majestic sunrises and sunsets as you unwind after the hunt or enjoy your morning coffee. Two living spaces finish off the upper level of the El Jefe lodge, the Master suite, which has an en suite bathroom and entertainment center, and the three-bedroom family suite which is suited perfectly for small parties or families. The lower level of the lodge features a bar, poker and pool tables, lounge area, cigar room, and three private rooms with en suite bathrooms. This area attracts the biggest storytellers.

Lakeview Lodge

The Lakeview Lodge by Double P overlooks the beautiful Lamb’s Slough (aka Dry Lake). The lodge has five bedrooms and two bathrooms. The upper floors feature a vaulted Great Room with a full open kitchen and walk-out wrap-around deck overlooking the Double P orchard. The lower level walkout has two bedrooms and a bathroom with a walk-in rain shower. The level of the lodge has a pool table and a cozy lounge. In the cooler months, the in-floor geothermal heating provides a welcoming environment when coming in from the cold.

The Loft by Double P

The Loft is located in the Historic Bascomb and Ware General Store built in 1883 one year after the incorporation of the town of Clark. The 2000 sq ft lodge is located above the historic Clark Flower Shop in the center of the town. The 13 ft brick walls tower over the space and tell the story of the history of the building. The 140-year-old white pine floors have been restored and together with the walls make the space one-of-a-kind. The thoughtful minimalist renovations have created a space that transports you into the rich historical past of the original prairie settlers. This space is ideal for groups interested in visiting the ranch while enjoying the luxury and privacy of the space. The Loft has three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. A huge entertainment/lounge area adjacent to an open kitchen. The second-story deck features a 6-person hot tub overlooking the town of Clark. The bars and restaurants of Clark are next door. The lodges of Double P Ranch are just ten minutes away. Guests of Double P Ranch will have the option of eating at the lodge, cooking for themselves or getting a dining credit at the local establishments.

South Dakota Pheasant, Whitetail Deer, & Waterfowl hunting ranch that is unparalleled for habitat quality and diversity.  Click the CONTACT above to book your next hunt!

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