Alaska Hunts - Brown Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, Moose

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Alaska Bush Adventures

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Family Owned Hunting and Outfitter Services

Hugh Krank came to the great state of Alaska in 1978 to experience hunting big game in Alaska's vast secluded wilderness and became forever hooked on the Great Alaskan Outdoors. After years of awe-inspiring, hunting and fishing adventures, he discovered a region in Alaska that offered tremendous hunting opportunities where no other Guide/Outfitters were operating. In 1985 he started Alaska Bush Adventures, ("ABA") a small family-owned Alaskan Guide and Outfitter Service in a remote and quiet area of Southwestern Alaska. Hugh and his Son Ryan, are both Alaskan Master Guides, and their long-time employees consist of Roy Austin, Registered Guide, and Mike McCarey, Assistant Guide, who have been part of the team since the 90's. They have many years of experience in Guiding for Brown Bear, Black Bear, Caribou, and Moose and all are experienced in calling and raking for Moose plus the habits of all Alaska's big game species, which will give you an edge on harvesting these big game animals.

For over 38 years they have operated their family-owned Guide and Outfitter Service with seasoned Alaskan Guides, respecting the rules and concepts of ethical fair chase hunts. Offering authentic and unforgettable Guided Alaskan Big Game hunting experiences for Moose, Brown/Grizzly Bear, and Black Bear.

We provide our clients with a complete Itinerary of the logistics and information to illuminate the other types of services available to them. Information on Hotels, Bush Plane flights, Meat, and Trophy care options, and shipping info to get your game home. Meat processors, Taxidermists, Expediting Services, a Suggested Equipment List, and much more. We encourage you to also contact our references as often, they are happy to share their experiences with you and can answer some of your questions in a different light providing valuable first-hand knowledge.

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MOOSE (Guided)

We offer Guided Alaska Big Game hunts for Alaskan Yukon moose on remote river systems in Southwestern Alaska. Guided clients will hunt from a base camp using Jon boats with jet drive outboard motors. They enable access to the shallow upland river systems with the numerous oxbows and backwater sloughs created from decades of the river's ever-changing channels. These are the kind of areas that bull moose prefer once they start rutting and searching for cow moose.
The camps have 15' x 20' wall tents for common use & dining with ample table fare, large 3 burner propane stoves for cooking meals, a wood stove for heat, hot showers, generator power, and much more creature comforts. Hunters sleep in 6-man extreme weather-type tents on full-size cots with sleeping pads plus other types of additional comforts to take advantage of. There are generators for power, a refrigerator/freezer to keep food items fresh, an on-demand hot shower system, and an outhouse toilet. Base camps have satellite phones for communications.

$31,900 each for 1 hunter to 1 Guide hunt for 12 days

$27,900 each for 2 hunters to 1 Guide hunt for 12 days

$2,200 per person, for the round-trip Air Charter from Anchorage to the field & back to Anchorage.

The price of the hunt includes getting your Moose meat & antlers back to Anchorage from the field.
Moose tag @ $800
Black Bear tag @ $450
Hunting License @ $160
Tags for Wolves are not required in unit 19b.

The first last days are non-hunting Air Charter flight days from Anchorage to the point of Outfitting in the field & the return flight back to Anchorage.
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DIY, Unguided Fully Outfitted Alaska Moose river float hunting trips take place in Southwestern Alaska's secluded interior river systems and are fully outfitted adventures. We supply these hunts with ample provisions and sustenance required to undertake an extraordinarily rewarding river float hunting trip. The tents are 6-man Alaska Guide Model or Extreme Weather grade style tents with folding cots, camp chairs, and a small table. A well-stocked variety of nutritional food/beverages, all cooking/eating utensils, 3 or 5-gallon collapsible water jugs, LED lanterns, 2-burner propane cook stoves, fuel for the stove, freighter pack frames, 200' of strong nylon rope, detailed maps of the river and more.

The rafting equipment for the Alaskan Moose Float Hunt includes high-quality durable 14' rafts, patch kits, rowing frames with oars, an 80-quart ice chest, cargo platforms, life jackets, and other types of tack needed for this trip. We know it is important to provide a healthy well-balanced diet, with quality equipment to provide a proper night's rest for hunters to aid in retaining energy levels essential to put in a respectable effort every day of the hunt. We have included these concepts into our operation for the rewards they offer everyone on these hunts. On the FAQ page, you can find the Suggested Personal Equipment/Gear List, Outfitted Equipment/Gear List of the Supplied Provisions, and the Daily Meals & Food Supplies. This information will help you understand what gear, equipment, and supplies we provide and what personal gear you need to bring.

Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip $11,600 ea 12 days or less

Moose, Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing Float Trip $12,600 ea 14 days

Non-hunters/Observers on Unguided Hunts $500 per day
Moose Tag @ $800
Black Bear Tags @ $450
Wolverine Tag @ $350
Wolves $0 in Unit 19

A Non-Resident Hunting License is $160
14-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $105
7-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $70
3-Day Non-Resident Sport Fishing License $45
Your personal gear allowance on these charter flights is 70 pounds each.
Minimum of two people
Hotel rooms in Anchorage for the day of your arrival to Anchorage & the night you return from the field from your hunting trip. Single or double occupancy is around $150 per night.


1 Brown Bear or 1 Grizzly Bear, Wolf & Fishing
11 days $25,900 for a 1x1 hunt
11 days $22,900 for a 2x1 hunt
A 2nd Brown/Grizzly Bear may be harvested for a $8,000 trophy fee.

Moose, 1 Brown Bear or 1 Grizzly Bear, Wolf & Fishing
14 days $39,500 for a 1x1 hunt
14 days $32,500 for a 2x1 hunt
(A 2nd Brown/Grizzly Bear may be added for a $8,000 trophy fee

Brown Bear Trophy fee $8,000 each on any other hunt

Non-hunters/Observers on Guided Hunts $650 per day, per person

Round Trip Flight Service is $2,200 per person


1 Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing 10 days $10,800 for a 1x1 hunt
1 Black Bear, Wolf, Wolverine & Fishing 10 days $8,800 for a 2x1 hunt

Black Bear Trophy fees are $4,000 each

Non-hunters/Observers on Guided Hunts $650 per day, per person

Round Trip Flight Service is $2,200 per person


We offer 2 or 3 Fully Outfitted Unguided Caribou hunting trips each year starting/leaving out of Anchorage.



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