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Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides

The Premier Duck Hunting Club in Jones, LA

Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides takes hunting seriously! It’s not a sport or hobby that we do on the weekends, it’s a way of life. Johnny Wink has owned and operated Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides since 1979. As an experienced guide, Johnny has amazed countless hunters dating back to his teenage years. “When hunters come to Megabucks, not only will they be given our personal touch, they will learn about down-home Louisiana culture. Read More

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter of many decades or you’re looking to share a first time hunting experience with your younger, aspiring marksman, Megabucks Duck Guides welcomes you! It’s our goal to provide you with a unique and exciting experience as you hunt waterfowl in the most prolific region of the United States: beautiful Northeastern Louisiana, beneath the coveted Mississippi Flyway.

Visiting Megabucks Duck Guides is unlike any other experience you’ll have at a hunting lodge in Jones, LA. We strive to provide a down-home atmosphere that’s welcoming to hunters of any caliber, and any group of people regardless of age, gender or experience. Four the past four decades we’ve gone out of our way to make sure every single one of our guests leaves happy, with a great story to tell about their time spent with us.

A prolific hunting experience

At Megabucks Duck Guides, we provide world class waterfowl hunts and our pit blinds are second-to-none. We’ve cultivated an area that offers prolific exposure to ducks and waterfowl of all types—including fully-plumed ducks on the wintering grounds, such as bull sprigs and speckle-bellies, for which the region is renowned.With five unique blinds to hunt from and seasoned guides to help you have the experience that’s ideal for you, your time spent in the field is time that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Hunting retriever dogs are also welcome and are provided with a dry, clean kennel during their stay. Dogs are not allowed inside the lodges.

When you come to Megabucks Duck Guides for a true hunting experience, you’ll have access to more than 6,000 acres of private land holdings. Even guests who hunt with us multiple times will love the new experience they get each time as they explore 1,400 acres of flooded rice, corn and bean fields for ducks, and over 5,000 acres of dry fields for geese!

Superior amenities

Unlike some other hunting lodges in the Mississippi Flyway, there’s no need to rough it at Megabucks Duck Guides! We provide you with every amenity you need to live comfortably and happily while you’re with us. From well-kept lodgings to full kitchens and an array of other conveniences, when you’re not in the blind you’re enjoying the finest comforts available! Our grounds feature two full-service lodges, with 12 beds in the main lodge and 8 in our newly established camp.Both lodges include full kitchens however you must provide your own food and drinks and must do your own cooking. You can also drive 20 minutes to the cafe in town if you don’t want to spend your time cooking.We also offer nothing short of the finest care and lodging for your trusted hunting dogs as well! Our hunting club in Jones, LA features fully-covered kennels that will keep your trusted companion comfortable and clean overnight.

Looking for a place to set up shop and clean your catch? Our facilities feature cleaning machines for you to clean your own birds, or if you would prefer to pay to have them cleaned, our resident duck plucker right next door is available if you’d rather spend your downtime relaxing and conversing with other hunters! Pull up a spot at our Texas-style fire pit, hit the 6-person hot tub or rack up a friendly game of pool or foosball in our rec room, complete with a 65-inch TV.

Duck Hunts

$350 Per Person, Daily


At NO ADDITIONAL COST, you have the option to go on an afternoon un-guided pass-shoot goose hunt (similar to a dove hunt; no blinds, no decoys, walking only)
For an additional $100 per day per hunter, afternoon deer hunting can be added.
A party of 4 ensures your own private lodge, blind and hunt; smaller parties and individuals will be combined.

Annual hunting and fishing licenses go on sale June 1 each year and expire June 30 of the following year.

Hunting licenses may be purchased online or by telephone using Visa or MasterCard. Call toll free 1-888-765-2602. An authorization number for immediate use will be provided and licenses will be mailed to the licensee. A SERVICE FEE IS CHARGED.
HIP CERTIFICATION All persons hunting migratory game birds (mourning doves, ducks, geese, woodcock, rails, snipe, coots or gallinules) in Louisiana must be HIP certified in addition to their appropriate licenses.
LIFETIME HUNTING LICENSES are available only through the Baton Rouge Office. To expedite issuance make payment in the form of cash or money order. For additional information call (225) 765-2887.


All persons born on or after September 1, 1969, must show proof of satisfactorily completing a Hunter Safety course approved by LDWF to purchase a Basic Hunting License. EXCEPT any active or veteran member of the United States armed services or any POST-certified law enforcement officer, application for the exemption shall be filed in person at the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries main office building in the city of Baton Rouge. However, a person younger than 16 years of age may hunt without such certificate if he is accompanied by and is under the direct supervision of a person 18 years of age or older EXCEPT during a statewide youth deer hunt, the youth must have satisfactorily completed a Hunter safety course approved by LDWF to participate. For course information, call (225)765-2932 or any Regional Office.

Megabucks Lodging & Amenities

$350Per Person, Daily
Check-In is anytime AFTER 4pm on the day before you hunt.
Duck Hunting time is from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 11am.

Our newest addition to Megabucks is a beautiful game and social room! Complete with pool table, bar, foosball, slot machines, TV/VCR/Satellite, and a large bathroom with shower!
Our spacious and comfortable lodges are within minutes of some of the best hunting in the entire Mississippi Flyway. Beyond great hunting, our reputation is built on “family operated” comfortable lodging, great relaxation and “good ole southern hospitality.”
The lodge is located in Jones, Louisiana. It has a very relaxing atmosphere for between hunts. We know how to take care of hunters-from individuals to larger parties and corporate groups.
For those who wish to continue hunting in the afternoon, at NO ADDITIONAL COST, you have the option to go on an afternoon un-guided pass-shoot goose hunt (similar to a dove hunt; no blinds, no decoys, walking only)
For an additional $100 per day per hunter, afternoon deer hunting can be added. A party of 4 ensures your own private lodge, blind and hunt; smaller parties and individuals will be combined.

About Us

Johnny Wink, owner and proprietor of Megabucks Duck Guide Service located in Jones, Louisiana beneath the Mississippi Flyway, has been offering premium duck and goose hunts for 35 years, since he was a teenager. Megabucks itself has been in operation since 1979. One of the things that makes Megabucks so special is its location beneath the Mississippi Flyway.
Louisiana winters the largest concentration of migrating waterfowl in America. At the Arkansas-Louisiana state line, the flyway narrows to a one-mile bottleneck where seventy percent of all migrating waterfowl will pass. Stand in the yard at Megabucks and look up. This mile-wide bottleneck is directly overhead Megabucks.
Duck season currently lasts for 60 days. During those 60 days, Megabucks will stay booked. There are repeat regulars who have standing reservations each year. There are newcomers. Hunters have come from as far away as Scotland, Canada and all over the United States. There is no typical duck hunter. They come from every walk of life, come in a variety of age groups and nationalities. The only thing they all have in common is their desire to enjoy a successful hunt. Johnny Wink does his dead-level best to ensure that goal is reached.
“All I do is what I would want a guide to do for me,” said Johnny. “I have listened to my guests for 35 years, learning what they like and don’t like.” With this in mind, Johnny does everything in his power to make each individual hunt memorable.
As a result of years of dedication , coming to Megabucks is the epitome of an ideal duck hunting experience. Not only do hunters leave with their limit of ducks and geese, they generally go home with a promise to return the following year. Johnny offers an array of amenities not found in most duck camps. No hardship hunt here, the lodging is similar to “roughing it at the Hilton.”
“In fact, a maid comes in every other day,” Johnny said. “You won’t find that at very many duck camps. My customer’s comfort is one of the most important services I offer. They might be able to go somewhere else and kill ducks, but I guarantee they won’t find anywhere else where they will be treated better than here at Megabucks.”
In other words, duck hunting with Johnny Wink means nobody suffers any hardships. Besides providing maid service, Megabucks consists of two full-service lodges. Twelve beds are available in the main lodge and eight beds in the new camp. Both lodges have full kitchens. The main lodge has three bathrooms and the new camp has two. Because Megabucks is family-friendly, many hunters bring their wives and kids to hunt with them.
“I encourage hunters to bring their dogs,” said Johnny. There are covered kennels at both lodges. Duck hunters know a good duck dog is worth its weight in gold. Johnny has three superb resident hunting dogs: A yellow lab named Hollywood, a chocolate named Lucy and a golden named Stonely.
“I love them all,” he said about his three dogs, and then he gave a sweep of his arm to encompass the rest of the critters making Megabucks their home. Guests might have to shoo a turkey or a kitten off the yard swing before taking a seat, but it doesn’t get much better than this. They soon realize coming to Megabucks is akin to visiting a homey country farm. Wandering around are a couple curious cats, several impressive turkeys raised from babies, a few crowing roosters and a clutch of cackling hens. There are some fascinating fleet-footed guineas interspersed with a couple quacking ducks.
“Most hunters take their ducks and geese home with them after a hunt,'” said Johnny. “We have a great place to clean birds with cleaning machines or next door is the local duck plucker if you want someone else to clean them for you.” Over the years, Johnny has found that some hunters like to stay up late, others turn in early. Because everyone has their specific habits and needs, Johnny arranges hunts in intimate parties of four or more. This way, no one has to share the lodge with strangers.
At the end of the day, guests can unwind sitting around a crackling fire in the Texas fire pit, soak lazily in the six-person hot tub, or while away the evening hours playing in the super-size game room and bar. Here they can indulge in playing pool, foosball, slot machines or just kick back and thumb through multiple photograph albums of past hunts and spectacular sunrises. Another option is relaxing in front of the 65-inch big screen TV with surround sound..
Johnny does not provide hunting licenses. It is the responsibility of the hunter to purchase his license in advance. Guns and ammunition are the responsibility of the hunter as is bringing their own rain gear, hip boots or chest waders. They must also provide their own food and drink.
That being said, Johnny does supply transportation to and from five blinds.
“I just put a deposit down for a new 20-foot pit blind ,” said Johnny. This will bring the number of 20-foot pit blinds to three; each complete with all the tip-top duck blind bells and whistles. “There are always plenty of decoys out, including some nice Mojo’s in the fields to bring the ducks down.”
Megabucks offers more than 6,000 acres of private land holdings on which to hunt; 1,400 acres of flooded rice, corn and bean fields for ducks and over 5,000 of dry fields for geese.
Additionally, everybody who hunts at Megabucks is eligible for a bonus unguided afternoon goose hunt. For a little extra, deer hunts are also available.
Johnny sums it up by saying, “The hardest thing in duck guiding is not to be the best duck caller or to have the biggest and finest lodge, or even the best duck blinds, but it is to get a hunter from across the street or from across the country to come and pay you to hunt. I feel that it is an honor to have someone do that. We don’t limit out every day but we do kill a lot of ducks.”
Johnny invites everyone to look at all the photographs on his website; the successful hunts will speak for themselves. 

“I have a lot of repeat customers who are my close friends now. Sharing a duck blind with friends is a special thing. I try to make everybody who hunts at Megabucks my friend. I am thankful to all my customers who have come and hunted with us. I hope we can have many more fine days in the blind. Duck season is just around the corner. Get fired up!”

Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides

15228 Kilbourne Hwy. Jones, LA 71250


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