Missouri Hunts - Duck, Specklebelly, Spring Snow Goose

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Prairie Hunting Adventures

Guided Duck Hunts

Yearly Pit Leases

Snow Goose Conservation Hunts

Prairie Hunting Adventures specializes in guided waterfowl hunts, yearly pit leases and snow goose conservation hunts. We are here to provide an option for all your waterfowl needs if you would like to come see what all the talk about hunting in SEMO is all about.  Southeast Missouri is now one of the premier hunting locations for waterfowl since rice production has moved into Missouri.  Hundreds of Thousands of birds migrate from the northern states to spend time here during winter.  We are centrally located between Big Lake National RefugeOtter SloughTen Mile Pond and other waterfowl management areas.  Come join us and shoot limits of mallards and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you choose to go on a guided hunt you will have breakfast cooked for you and you will be hunting over a 1500 decoy spread .     

Guided Waterfolw Hunts

Ducks, Specklebelly Geese, and Spring Conservation Snow Goose Hunting Rates:
Dates will be held with a non-refundable 50% deposit.

Duck & Specklebelly Goose Hunts:
$225.00 per person, per day, hunting over a 1,500 decoys.
*All hunts include 1 cooked meal per day
Non Resident small game License Cost $11 per day 

Spring Conservation Snow Goose Hunting:
If you are interested in a snow goose hunt contact FOWL SYNDICATE, We have partnered with them to offer Spring Conservation Snow Goose Hunts.  They start in Southeast Missouri and follow the snow goose migration back north and have plenty of different hunting packages that can accommodate everyone. Call 608-931-1983

Waterfowl Hunts:
Duck and Speck Hunts will take place in a large 24-foot, heated pit blind that will be in a rice or soybean field.

Not included:
License, Bird Cleaning, Drinks & Snacks

You will arrive the night prior to the hunt, meet the guides and stay in our lodge. You will only be a few minutes from the field.

Tipping Guidelines:
Tipping your guide is a tradition in the world of duck hunting and clients new to guided hunting often ask us for guidance on gratuities. While tips are made at your discretion, they should always reflect the quality of service provided. In our industry, the good service and efforts of a guide are typically rewarded with a tip of 15-20%. $200 of your daily rate is for guide services, so a tip of 15 – 20% would amount to $30– $40 per hunter, per day for the guide. If your guide made extraordinary efforts and provided exceptional service, a more generous tip would certainly be appreciated.

If you are unsatisfied for any reason with the service provided, please let us know.  If there is a problem we can't fix it, if we don't know about it.

Payment can be made by Check or Money Order 


The Daily rate is $500 per day for the entire field, for the full day. We provide 20 dozen decoys.  The  season will be here soon, get your dates booked before they are gone. You will be hunting out of a fully brushed pit that is located in a flooded rice or soybean field.   When you lease the pit, it is yours from sunrise to sunset.  We will provide you with 20 dozen decoys.    We have learned from past experience that the more decoys you usually have, the better the hunt.  You can bring more decoys to add to the spread or remove some during the late season if you see fit.  The pit is accessible by foot, but we highly recommend having an ATV or UTV available for easy access.  Motion decoys are not provided but are recommended depending on the conditions.  Missouri Department of Conservation sets the season dates and bag limits.  The area you will be hunting is in the South Zone.  This zone normally has a 60 day season that runs from Thanksgiving Day, with a 6 bird limit.

We let our daily pit leases fields rest from Monday-Thursday

in Yearly Pit Leases.............Call for Availability
Daily Pit Leases
$500 per day for the entire field  (6 people maximum)
$750 per day for a group of 8 people

What you need to bring to hunt.

Lodging/Meals/Transportation are  NOT  provided for Daily Pit Leases
50% deposit is due at the time of booking

Once you have talked to one of the Prairie Hunting Adventures Staff and confirmed the available dates  you will need to send a 50% nonrefundable deposit to hold your booked dates.  If the deposit is not received within 10 days, the booked dates will be lost.  The remainder of the fee will be due before the first hunt.

After the hunt you can go to the Lady Luck Casino, it is located just 30 minutes from Kennett, Mo.

Yearly Pit Leases- Most pits are 16' or 20' long with an additional dog boxes on each end.  They consist of flip tops, not the hard to move roll tops.  Water is guaranteed for the year,   Your group will be assigned to one field and only your hunting party will hunt the particular field.  A non-refundable deposit is due at the time you lease the fields.  If you would like to talk about leasing a field for the year call 731-225-6747, before they are all leased. 

Pit 1-$5500
Last year planted in Rice
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 2-$5500 
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 3-$5500 LEASED
Last year planted in Rice
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 4-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 60 acre field

Pit 5-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Rice
16' pit on a 35 acre field

Pit 6-$5500 
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 7-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 8-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 9-$5500 
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 10-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
2 16' pit on 2 40 acre fields

Pit 11-$7500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
20' pit

Pit 12-$7500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
20' Pit on a 40 acre field

Pit 13-$7500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
20' Pit on a 80 acre field

Pit 14-$5500 LEASED
Last year planted in Rice
16'  Pit on a 60 acre field

Pit 15-$5500  LEASED
Last year planted in Beans
16' pit on a 35 acre field

Call for details on lodging near our hunting location.

Clients will be staying with us in a newly renovated lodge, that can sleep 18-20 people. Multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, & multiple showers means there should be room even with a full house.

Guided Duck Hunts in S.E. Missouri

Matt and Mark McCrory have been hunting for over 20 years.  They grew up hunting on private property along the Hatchie River in West Tennessee.  After multiple years of seeing a decline in waterfowl and suspecting a possible shift in natural migrations routes west, they decided it was time for things to change.  After months of research they landed on the Southeast Missouri bootheel.   Since the bootheel is now such a large producer of rice and the multiple management areas, the amount of waterfowl in the area is astounding. 

After hunting in this area for multiple years and having much success, they thought it would be a great idea to provide an opportunity to let other hunters that may not be able to afford a yearly lease or able to justify traveling so far to hunt every weekend a way to still hunt this mecca.  The reward of calling the ducks and working them is so full filling and brings joy to all waterfowlers.  No need to hire a guide that will make you sit and wait while they call the birds and call the shot.  Come see us in South East Missouri and experience nothing like you have seen before.

If you are interested in hunting Southeast Missouri and would like to know more information you can reach us by a phone call or text message or you can send us an email if you have questions.  We will return your message as soon as possible, and thank you for choosing Prairie Hunting Adventures.


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