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A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

Welcome to Bull Creek Outfitters, where we specialize in highly successful guided mountain lion hunting with hounds.

Nevada Department of Wildlife records reflect, that we consistently harvest more trophy mountain lions than any other guide service in the Silver State and are globally renowned and recognized as some of the most successful mountain lion guides in the world. Our affordable mountain lion hunts are very personalized to each individual clients needs and desires and our guides are professional and personable in every way. Bull Creek Outfitters takes a select number of serious sportsmen and women each year. We aim to keep each hunt 1 on 1 (1 guide per hunter) or 2 on 1 (2 guides per hunter) and strive to make each hunt memorable and as successful as possible.
For most mountain lion guide services, trophy mountain lion hunts are a part time occupation to go along with their deer, elk, sheep and other big game hunts but we chose to master the art of high success mountain lion and cougar hunts, versus trying to be a jack of all trades, master at none as the old saying goes. That’s all we do, even on our days off we’re out hunting these top predators, so we’re constantly keeping our dogs on the top of their game as well as ourselves.
We take pride in being high success mountain lion and cougar outfitters, concerned with our clients hunting experience and safety, as well as taking a major concern on what’s happening within the wildlife species we’re in pursuit of to the benefit of both the client and the species. What does this mean for your hunt? This means we’re striving to find you the most mature animal we can that will have passed on its superior genetics for years and is not as much of an asset to the gene pool, that means these animals are the fully matured to physically impressive size and are the type every hunter dreams to harvest while making room for new genetics and influence within the species to help maintain a sustainable population of quality animals for years to come.

Get in touch with us today and let’s plan out your next mountain lion hunt. The hunting experience our clinets our clients walk away with is one of the most highly recommended hunts in Nevada and surrounding western states.

How we operate our Mountain Lion Hunts

The day typically starts by waking up at 4:00 am and we are leaving camp or town by 5:00 am, each client has his or her own guide with a pack of 10-12 seasoned hounds fitted with gps tracking collars, horses/mules,side-by-side 4x4 truck equipped with 2 way UHF radios for comunications etc.. The guide will begin looking for lion tracks that have crossed two track jeep trails, ranching and mining roads or horse and game trails that cross cut the expansive mountain ranges that the large predators call home . Once the guide or the hounds find the track , the guide will determine age of track and size and sex of the animal and will decide if it a animal we should pursue or not. Most weeks there are two hunters in camp for the week,  possibly three hunters, but you will always have your own guide.   TEAM WORK  After the first animal is harvested all efforts of the guides with their hounds horses and equipment will be focused on getting the second hunter an animal. This becomes a team effort and has allowed us to harvest large numbers of exceptional lions over the decades of hunting we have under our belts. Whether it be snow or dry ground conditions, we are consistent in harvesting large numbers of trophy toms, even in the most difficult conditions. We credit this to thousands of hours afield in pursuit of these animals, exceptionally driven and talented dogs that have been selectively bred for one purpose; to surpass and surmount even the most difficult scenting conditions and terrain with ease, and the years of experience the pursuit of these incredibly tough animals have given us as guides to be able to handle any situation that may arise.

Our snow hunts typically run from November 15- March 31st and our dry ground hunts can be conducted year round.   7-day Mountain lion hunts are $6,000 

All hunts are one on one, so you always have your own professional mountain lion guide.  Equipped with 4×4 pick up truck, pack of hounds, side by side and or horses and mules and you never have to share a guide.

Our Lion Hunt Packages and Rates

7 day scheduled mountain lion hunts are $6,000

• A $1,500 deposit is required to secure a hunt date in advance.

• Short notice hunts and last minute hunts are also welcome. Feel free to contact me at any time for openings.

• For clients born after 1960, a hunter safety or hunter education certificate is required.

• Nevada Non-Resident Hunting Lic. - $155.00

• Nevada Non-Resident Mountain Lion Tag. - $104.00

• Our Pioche, Nevada base of operation is only a three hour drive north of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Our Wells, Nevada base of operation is only a three hour drive west of Salt Lake City, Utah.

• References Available Upon Request, Please Call for More Information

Why Hunt Nevada?

You maybe thinking "why hunt Nevada instead of Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming etc.
Nevada is one of the few places left that is truly wild and un-encompassed by the ever encroaching urban sprawl. Sage brush valleys sprawling out for miles upon miles, snow capped jagged granite peaks, and phenomenal wildlife viewing and or hunting opportunities abound from mustangs running free alongside the truck, to trophy class Mule deer and Elk, you never know what you will find around the next corner.
Nevada boasts several advantages for Mountain Lion hunting over other western states such as the following.
Over the counter affordable licenses and tags that you can purchase in advance of your arrival for your hunt allowing you the maximum time to be spent hunting, not filling out paperwork and waiting for the probationary period to expire before you can hunt after purchasing your tag as in some other states.

Nevada is the only state besides Texas where you can harvest your lion in the night hours. Other states are restricted to traditional daylight hunting hours, meaning once it is dark no matter how close you are to harvesting your lion, your guide will have to let the lion go until daylight and try to catch it again. Not the case here in Nevada, the season runs 365/24/7.

Nevada does not have a Wolf population! You're probably wondering what wolves have to do with hunting lions with hounds? In areas that have wolf populations houndsmen have to be extremely careful where they turn their dogs loose and what lion tracks they choose to run, wolves are extremely territorial and given the opportunity they will come into the barking of hounds treeing or trailing a lion and kill the hounds as they view them as a competing pack. You may find the lion track of your dreams in another state but if there are wolves present in the area no houndsmen will want to turn his dogs loose to catch that lion and risk losing his whole pack to wolves. That's something we don't have to worry about here in Nevada, when we find the lion you've been dreaming of the only thing holding us back is the time it takes to collar up dogs and turn them loose.
We look forward to showing you the best that the Silver State and Mountain Lion hunting has to offer.

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Wells, NV 89835

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