Texas Hunts - Whitetail Deer, Axis Deer, Elk, Red Deer, Buffalo, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer, Blackbuck, Oryx, Kudu, Nilgai, Zebra

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MMK Outfitters

MMK Outfitters Texas Hunting

At MMK, our Texas hunting produces the finest and largest deer hunts and over 30 exotic species. Our family-owned hunting company has some of the best accommodations, lodging, meals, and guides you will find. We have served corporations in both client entertainment as well as team-building exercises since 2006. We can meet the needs of any group you would like to entertain, and we hunt multiple ranches across the state to address all your needs. Whatever your preference is, we can meet those expectations and then some. Contact us today to book your next hunt.


Exotic Hunting

Exotic hunting for animals from all over the world is a specialty of ours. Some of the most popular exotic game includes Elk, Buffalo, Axis Deer, Blackbuck, Ram, Red Stag, Scimitar Horned Oryx, and 30 other types of animals from Africa and other countries. With exotic hunting, there is no closed season, so we can hunt year-round. A lot of hunters will add exotic trophies to their deer hunting package or hunt exotics after the deer season closes.

We specialize in corporate hunts, handling all of the necessities to entertain that special client or groups of clients to whom you would like to show your appreciation. You will receive special group pricing, and your client, like all of our hunters, will receive the best hunt possible.

The great thing about exotic hunting in Texas is it’s a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of hunting abroad, and less time is needed to harvest that great trophy. Our guides are highly experienced and motivated to assist in your success - no need to travel to multiple countries to harvest those trophies.

Let us set up a safari that would include trophy exotics from all over the world. We can provide a customized hunting package for you or that group of hunters wanting to hunt the world.
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Exotic Game Hunting

We have some of the largest herds of exotic game in the country. Our exotic hunting includes species from all over the world. Some species of exotic game are more numerous here than in the countries from which they originate. We offer over 30 different types of games. Fortunately, these types of hunts can be done all year long. We hunt some of the finest ranches, high-fenced and free-range. To see some of the trophies our clients have collected, browse through these photos.

The most common exotic hunting is stand hunting, spot and stalk, and safari-style (the same way you would hunt in Africa). Let us set up a safari that would include trophy exotics from all over the world. If your exotic game hunts out of state have been unsuccessful, then give us a call. We can provide a customized hunting package for you or that group of hunters wanting to hunt the world. You will have a great hunting experience, and you will bring home the trophy with these hunts.

We provide exotic hunting in Texas and throughout the entire state on private ranches.

Exotic Pricing:

Axis Buck up to 33" - $4,750

Axis Super Trophy 34"+ - $5,500

Addax - $7,500

Blackbuck up to 20” - $3,750

Blackbuck 21”+ - $4,500

Barrasinga - $6,500

Bison Trophy Bull - $8,000

White Bison - $14,500

Blesbok - $6,750

Blue Wildebeest - $7,000

Dama Gazelle - $10,500

Dybowski - $7,000

Sika Japanese - $4,750

Eland - $8,500

Grant Gazzelle - $14,000

Impala - $7,000

Fallow Deer - $7,500

Super Fallow Deer - $10,000

Gemsbok up to 36" - $9,000

Kudu Starting at - $19,000

Lechwe - $7,250

Nilgai - $6,750

Nyala - $16,500

Pere David - $9,000

Sable Starting at - $19,000

Hog Deer - $7,500

Scimitar avg. 35” bull/cow - $6,250

Scimitar 40”+ - $8,250

Scimitar Mgt. up to 34” - $POR

Springbok - $8,500

Waterbuck - $8,500

Yak - $5,750

Zebra - $7,750

Nile Lechwe - $14,500

Bongo - $40,000

Markor - $25,000

Tahr - $9,000

Nubian Ibex - $20,000

Transcaspian Urial - $20,000

Thompson Gazelle - $9,000

Arabian Oryx - $11,500

Aoudad - $4,250

Black Hawaiian - $3,250 - $5,250

Catalina Goat - $2,500

Corsican - $3,250 - $5,250

Texas Dall - $3,250 - $5,250

Painted Desert - $3,250 - $5,250

Mouflon - $4,250 - $5,750

Red Sheep - $5,250

Jacob’s 4 Horn - $3,500

Raka Ram - $4,250

Any Ram over 43" - $7,250

Red Stag

Up to 279” - $6,500

280” - 359” - $9,000

360” - 399” - $14,000

400” - 449” - $19,000

450” - 500” - $24,000

Elk Bulls

Up to 299” - $8,500

300”- 369” - $10,500

370”- 399” - $12,500

400”-439” - $17,500

440"-459" - $20,500


Looking to hunt whitetail deer? You've come to the right place! Our ranches offer some of the best whitetail deer from 150” to more than 200” in size. Depending on the time of year and which ranch we're hunting at, you will generally see between 20 and 40 white-tailed deer during each day of your hunt. Our whitetail hunts offer some of the best scenery and private ranches you will find in the state.

Whitetail at Salado Ranch

Management Buck - $4,250

Trophy Whitetail Hunt Up to 199" - $7,500

Trophy Whitetail Hunt 200" - 239" - $10,000

Super Trophy Whitetail Hunt Over 240" - $12,000

Whitetail at Cameron Ranch

Management Buck - $4,250

Trophy Whitetail Hunt 150" - 169" - $5,900

Trophy Whitetail Hunt 170"-189" - $7,900.

Trophy Whitetail Hunt 190" - 249" - $9,900

Super Trophy Whitetail Hunt 250" - 299"  - $12,900

Super Trophy Whitetail Hunt 300"+  - $14,900

*price based on gross score*

Big Game Hunting Lodges

We are a premier big game hunting lodge with 5-star accommodations. Choose one of our more rustic rooms for a more authentic experience. Whatever style of lodging you choose, all rooms have modern amenities and the luxury of delicious meals prepared on-site by our incredible chefs.

In addition to our trophy fees, there is a $250/day all-inclusive fee, which includes the following:

Day Fee - $250 /day /hunter - in addition to the trophy fees above.

Day Fee includes: guide, lodging, meals, snacks, beverages, skin & quarter, cold storage, fishing, assistance with taxidermist pickup, and up to 1 hog after trophy is taken.

Non-hunting guests may attend at a rate of $150 /day /guest.

All prices are subject to change, depending on the class of the trophy. Any wounded animal that's not found will be considered a killed animal and full payment is required.

Hunts are limited. Don't hesitate to book your hunt date!

Schedule your trip today and see how much fun a personalized big game hunting experience can be.

If you need transportation to and from the airport, let us take care of it for you. We are also happy to arrange for transportation to a meat processor or taxidermist after the hunt if you so desire.

If you are interested in planning a corporate team-building outing or a group trip, we have special rates available. We can also add additional activities to your corporate or group trip, like skeet shooting, fishing, or even poker tournaments. For a thrilling hunting experience that everyone in your group is sure to enjoy, contact us today to reserve your hunt dates.

Corporate Outings & Team Building Hunts

MMK Outfitters specializes in corporate hunts in Texas. Our corporate clients receive discounts on large group hunting packages well below individual prices. These hunts may be used throughout the year on your reserved dates. Additional activities can be added to cater to you and your client's needs, such as fishing, skeet shooting, poker tournaments, professional speakers, taxidermy, and game processing. Let us customize a corporate hunting package specifically to fit your client's needs.

Custom Corporate Hunting Packages 

Whitetail hunts

Exotic hunts

Hog hunts

Varmint hunts

Turkey hunts

Dove hunts

Bird and birdie hunts (Dove hunt and Golf)

Big game fishing

Gator hunting

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