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George Siavelis Master Guide LLC

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Hunting the World's Largest Brown Bears


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George Siavelis is a lifelong Alaskan Master Guide (license # 150) who specializes in and guides exclusively for giant brown bears along Alaska’s coast.
Guiding outdoorsman in the remote wilderness has been George’s sole occupation his entire adult life.
George has also spent most of his adult life living year-round on a salmon / brown bear stream in Alaska’s True Bush.
George is offering a very classic brown bear hunt by canoe. Once a true outdoorsman hunts a brown bear by canoe, he will likely never want to hunt another way again!

The area that George is now hunting has so many bears, and so little hunting pressure, that the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game is allowing hunts in September when almost ALL of the brown bears are still fishing on the streams, rather than in October, when a very large percentage of bears have left the salmon streams for the higher country.

A very high percentage of George’s clients state that their hunt with George was the absolute best Hunt of their life.
And that they’ve never seen as many bears anywhere else in the world.
Hunters can talk with clients who will factly state they saw more bears in just the first few hours with George than they saw during entire hunts elsewhere.
Hunts are offered at a price far below some trophy brown bear hunts.
George is one of the very few master guides who guides his clients himself... reminding sportsmen of a bygone era, when integrity, experience, and hard work were more common.

Each year, only 2 to 3 hunters will have the opportunity to hunt this remote, magical place!

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Honest 10 ft. 6 in. very young big bear.  Bears in this area get huge very early in life.


Alaska Brown Bear hunting is the ultimate in North American adventure! Alaska Brown bear guide George Siavelis now specializes exclusively, in big brown bear hunting along Alaska’s Gulf Coast region. The streams in these areas receive heavy salmon runs, including all five Pacific salmon species. The bears in these areas are as large as bears get anywhere in the world. Watching the largest carnivores on earth, aggressively hunting and catching salmon, often just 30 or 40 yards away, will get your blood pumping, and will not be forgotten easily. Hunting the great bears along these streams is very exciting indeed. A giant coastal brown bear is the ultimate trophy.


Brown Bear Hunt – 1 on 1 – rifle – 10 days – $25,000
Brown Bear Hunt – 1 on 1 – bow – 10 days – $30,000
Brown Bear Hunt – 2 on 1 – rifle – 12 days – $20,000
Brown Bear Photo Safari – 2 on 1 – 5 days – $5,000

License, tags, meat & trophy transport, hide expediting, and air charters are not included in the price above
50% down payment payable at the time of booking, balance due 90 days prior to the date of travel.



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