Blog / The Desert Bighorns: Sheep Hunting in Arizona's Rugged Ranges

By Connor Thomas
Friday, September 29, 2023

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  • Introduction

  • Welcome to Find A Hunt, your ultimate source for all things related to hunting adventures. In this article, we're diving into the heart of Arizona's rugged ranges to explore the thrilling world of Desert Bighorn sheep hunting. Arizona offers some of the most challenging and rewarding hunting experiences for those seeking the ultimate trophy hunt. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting pursuit.

  • The Majestic Desert Bighorns

  • The Desert Bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis nelsoni) is a symbol of the wild and untamed American West. These majestic creatures are well adapted to the harsh, arid landscapes of the desert regions in Arizona. Renowned for their impressive curled horns and keen survival instincts, hunting Desert Bighorns is a dream come true for many hunters.

  • Hunting Season and Regulations

  • Before embarking on a Desert Bighorn sheep hunt in Arizona, it's crucial to be well-versed in the hunting season and regulations. Typically, the hunting season for Desert Bighorns falls in the late summer and early fall, from late August to early October. However, it's essential to check the latest updates from the Arizona Game and Fish Department to ensure you are hunting legally and ethically.

  • Permit and Tag Application

  • Obtaining the necessary permits and tags is a vital step in the hunting process. Arizona uses a lottery system to allocate hunting permits for Desert Bighorn sheep, making it a highly competitive endeavor. The application period usually opens in the spring, and the draw results are announced later in the year. To increase your chances of success, consider applying through a professional hunting outfitter or guide service.

  • Selecting the Right Gear

  • Hunting Desert Bighorns in Arizona's rugged terrain demands the right gear. Ensure you have the appropriate firearms, optics, and hunting clothing to withstand the challenges of the desert. A high-quality rifle chambered in a suitable caliber, such as .270 or .30-06, paired with top-notch optics for long-range shooting, is essential. Sturdy hiking boots, layered clothing, and a reliable backpack are also crucial for navigating the rocky terrain.

  • Scouting and Preparation

  • Successful Desert Bighorn sheep hunting requires thorough scouting and preparation. Spend time in the area you plan to hunt, study the terrain, and familiarize yourself with the sheep's behavior and movements. Spotting and stalking are common methods for hunting these elusive creatures, so practice your skills before the hunt. Additionally, physical fitness is paramount, as you'll often find yourself hiking steep and challenging slopes.

  • Ethical Hunting Practices

  • At Find A Hunt, we emphasize ethical hunting practices. When hunting Desert Bighorns, it's vital to prioritize fair chase and respect for the environment. Ensure you follow all hunting laws and regulations, and never take shots beyond your skill level or equipment capabilities. Ethical hunting not only preserves the sport for future generations but also contributes to the conservation of these remarkable animals.

  • Conclusion

  • Hunting Desert Bighorn sheep in Arizona's rugged ranges is a pursuit that tests the limits of skill, endurance, and determination. As you embark on this thrilling adventure, remember the importance of ethical hunting practices and conservation efforts to protect these magnificent creatures for generations to come.

  • At Find A Hunt, we are dedicated to providing you with valuable information and resources to make your hunting experience safe, enjoyable, and memorable. So, gear up, prepare, and get ready to conquer the challenging terrain of Arizona's desert ranges in pursuit of the majestic Desert Bighorn sheep. Good luck, and may your hunting adventure be a true testament to your passion for the great outdoors.